Public relations lessons from movies

By Paige Butz


The Lego Movie (2014). Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment.

According to a November PR Daily article, public relations professionals can learn four lessons from “The Lego Movie.”

The first lesson is to stay relevant. “The Lego Movie” showcases concepts from the past, including the array of popular superheroes, like Batman and Superman. The movie juxtaposes these age-old favorites with modern humor to keep the movie current.

The next lesson is to use content marketing. The two hour movie was essentially a two hour commercial highlighting LEGO products.  “That’s content marketing at its finest,”Publicist Beth Adan said. The product placement film paid off. The company saw a 13 percent increase in sales after the movie was released. Nicely done, LEGO.

Next, it is important to stay culturally aware. The movie gracefully brought up sensitive issues in today’s world. The deep themes appealed to adult viewers while presenting the themes in simple enough terms for kids to understand. The movie was a perfect blend of lighthearted wit, intermingled with pathos and logos.

The final lesson is to be creative. The movie’s characters are stuck in a world where everyone wears the same clothes, listens to the same music and does the same monotonous daily activities. The protagonist ends the movie with a dramatic speech about embracing one’s unique qualities and creativity.

Try to apply these lessons while creating your next public relations campaign.  You may find success in some simple changes to your approach.

You can read more from the PR Daily article at

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