Reminiscing my ‘Alpha’ days

By Natalie Asorey
Managing Director, 2012-2013

Natalie Asorey

Natalie Asorey, center, poses with her two Alpha PRoductions assistant managers in 2012.

My Alpha days were some of the best college days.

I joined Alpha PRoductions as a freshman. There were a couple of openings in the in-house account team late into spring semester, and being ambitious as usual, I went for it. I was more nervous for that than my Cicerones interview (which I did not land, by the way). The managing director at the time saw something in me.

It was only a couple of months before I applied to the account executive position for the following year. I’ll never forget being asked, “What kind of cookie would you be?” Um, okay, Alpha? But that set the stage. The new management team also believed in me.

My senior year I applied for the managing director position and won it by default. (Who’s crazy enough to want to manage a student-run agency with 40 unpaid college students?) And those were the best days.

Just like the two previous management teams had believed in me – given me an opportunity to grow – I was able to do the same for my team. Not every résumé that came through was perfect (we all know nothing is), but there was always a glimmer of potential.

And it was that potential that we sought, as a management team, to nourish and grow.

We pride ourselves on being a family. Whether we were once in Alpha or are now, we know that we can count on our team to believe in us, even when we don’t.

Hey Alpha, I believe in you. Keep making me proud.


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