Tips on writing for social media marketing

By Lisa Paper

This handy infographic explores helpful ways to use social media to promote a business. However, these tips are also applicable to marketing any organization that needs to be promoted. It covers three main platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

Gathering an audience is essential when using Facebook. It’s a good idea to update your organization’s Facebook regularly—two to three times a week is ideal. Experiment to see which times your post reaches the most people. For example, if you get a lot of likes on Wednesday afternoons, you should post more often during that time slot.
Remember to keep your message brief, as posts with 100-250 characters are more effective. Use plenty of relevant visuals to catch attention. This can include videos, photos, and photo albums. Lastly, if you are offering promos, create unique offers and allow some time (a few days or so) before your offer ends. This way your offer has time to be shared and talked about.
Twitter is another great platform for social media marketing. It’s key to pay attention to what’s trending and incorporate your content and hashtags accordingly. Try to use relevant and popular hashtags to expand your reach beyond your regular audience.
You might want to develop a Tweet calendar to offer a consistent schedule. For example, you may offer promos on Mondays. In this case, you should send out a tweet on Mondays letting your audience know about the latest offer.

Foursquare is a great tool for businesses. First, claim your business listing and make sure all of your info is correct. Sometimes a customer has created a listing that isn’t managed by the business, so check your name, number and website listing for accuracy, and make sure to list your hours of operation.
Tips on your listing should be for the customers, themselves, to write reviews. If you want to let your customers know about promos and timely updates, use Local Updates to do so. Offer clear awards that don’t require a customer to call for more info. Don’t offer a physical award, like a hug. Finally, if you do offer a special, promote it on all social channels and at your physical location as well.
Remember, social media is an effective and free platform from which to promote. If you stick to the helpful hints above and keep your messages consistent, clear, timely and professional, you should see your audience expand in time.

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