How ‘Alpha’ helped me

By Craig Kissoon

About two months ago, I interviewed for a social media internship.

The interview was as standard as most interviews go. The recruiters and I shook hands. As I sat down, they asked for a copy of my résumé.

The recruiters laid my resume on the table between us. Their eyes briefly scanned the document and then returned to me. The first thing one of the recruiters said to me was, “Tell me about Alpha PRoductions.”

Fortunately, I knew how to respond.

I talked about my experience using social media to promote the firm internally. I mentioned the ideas my committee and I brainstormed when the firm was rebranding. I reflected on some of the challenges involved with in-house promotions.

The recruiters were genuinely interested and receptive to my experience at Alpha. One of the recruiters explicitly said, “I like him.”

Alpha PRoductions began in 1981 with a group of students who wanted hands-on, real-world experience. One of the firm’s goals is to prepare members for careers in the communication industry.

I have no doubt every member of Alpha joined for concrete, professional experience. This spirit of ambition, passion and initiative is what resonates with employers.

Alpha PRoductions lists the following services on its website: branding, community relations, corporate social responsibility, event planning, internal communications, issues management, media relations, promotion, relationship management, research and social networking.

Guess what? These services are skills you can list on your resume. And with time, you will find you will become increasingly proficient with these skills and more from your time at Alpha.

I did not get the internship. However, the recruiter wrote to me that my experience with Alpha impressed her.

She ended up redirecting me to her colleague in a different department. That same colleague hired me for an internship this spring.
As cliché as the saying is, every experience is a stepping stone. Do not underestimate what Alpha can do for you.

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