5 Things Public Relations Majors Want You to Know

By Kamela Kettles

There is always a stereotype that goes along with being a public relations practitioner. But here are five things public relations majors want you to know.

  1. Non-stop communicators
    We are almost 97 percent completely sure that half of our blood system is made up of coffee for all of the writing, research, internship and jobs we do on a daily basis. Procrastination is not an option because we constantly have a deadline to meet.
    No sleep. No problem.
  2. No, we are not like Olivia Pope from “Scandal.”
    Public relations practitioners are typically known as “spin doctors” due to the way we are portrayed by the entertainment industry. Unlike the television show, during any crisis we uphold our code of ethics to the highest standards and practice transparency.Wait, what do you mean I can't do that-
  3. The dreaded topic of AP Style
    After a while, we learn to speak and write in AP Style. We consider the AP Stylebook our second Bible. We must memorize it, otherwise we can kiss our project and reporting lab grade goodbye.
    When you get an A-- on your Reporting article (1)
  4. Nevertheless, how hard it is to explain our major to others.
    Most people ask “Oh, so it’s like Marketing?” Nope, not exactly. Both careers do merge into one another. PRSA describes public relations as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”Number 4
  5. One of our favorite things about public relations is community involvement
    Even though we get five hours of sleep on a good day, we love our major because we enjoy helping others.Number 5

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