“Eight Must-Follow Accounts for PR Students”

For anyone new to the world of public relations, figuring out how to keep up to date on the industry, get connected with professionals and find the best career advice can be a challenge.

Whether you are looking for a job, inspiration or just some helpful tips and tricks from professionals in the industry, Twitter is a valuable resource. When you don’t have the time to research or read blog posts, Twitter gives society instant access to some of the best in the business in less than 140 characters. To help you tap into this uninterrupted stream of information, here is a list of 8 informative, fun and useful PR Twitter accounts to follow and start learning from!

@PRNewswire: The premier global provider of multimedia platforms and distribution. If you don’t feel like checking their website, follow them for quick communication and news-related links.

@SocialMedia411: Self proclaimed to be “recommended by people who like things that don’t suck” this account provides a great collection of articles from a variety of sources about news and communication with some funny commentary.

@WSJ: Stay up to date on news from around the country or world by following The Wall Street Journal or any of your other favorite new sources.

@PRSA/@PRSSANATIONAL: The world’s largest organization for public relations professionals and the pre-eminent pre-professional organization for students interested in public relations and communications. Take part in monthly twitter chats, gain advice from professionals and learn about the many different fields involved in PR.

@PRDaily: The best spot to find an endless stream of relevant information and news on PR, marketing and social media.

@APSTYLEbook: This should be your go-to for insight into the way journalists need to report news. A useful tool for PR professionals in understanding press releases and interacting with journalists.

@Adweek: Hear from the leading source in news, insight and community for marketers, media and agencies, get links to exciting campaigns and case studies, and take part in their weekly #Adweek Chat.

Bonus! Be sure to check out own very own twitter account @AlphaPRoduction, Florida’s largest student-run PR firm. Follow us to see more posts, keep up with our new projects and learn how you can get involved!


written by Darian Daniels, edited by Hannah Ross

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