Help Within the J-School

The College of Journalism and Communications has a lot of resources to help you through the most stressful times of college. Whether it’s helping with a class, making your schedule for next semester or planning for the future the J-School will be able to help you.

xddticjsTo get help with your classes the Journalism and Communications Ambassadors work the Communications Coaching Center which helps with a variety of different classes. They will help with reporting stories, cover letters, AP style, audio and video editing, and InDesign and Photoshop. The center is in Weimer Hall, and they have appointments available and different walk-in hours.

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The Professional Advising and Teaching Hub (the PATH Office) offers help with your academic endeavors. It can help with your schedule, changing majors and everything in between.

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There is a whole new world waiting for us after college, and the Knight Division is ready to help you find your way. Let them help you with the hunt for internships and full-time jobs after graduation by offering resume editing, interview tips and much more. Not to mention, they offer plenty of different scholarships.

Click here for more information about the Knight Division:

written by Olivia Nutting, edited by Hannah Ross

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