Twitter Wins Big on Election Day

As most of us know, Twitter played a large role in this past election, but Twitter’s real time to shine was on Election Day. Personally, I got a lot of information from the social media platform while polls were closing and elections were coming in; I then watched the world’s reaction through Snapchat.

Until approximately 3 a.m. on Election Day, when Trump became the president-elect, election-related tweets were going through the roof. More than 75 million election-related tweets were tweeted. A USA Today article showcased that this surpassed the record set on Election Day in 2012 of more than 31 million tweets total.

Of course, both Trump and Clinton took to twitter on the night. Trump posted a picture of his team watching the returns, and after the results he updated his Twitter bio and sent out his first tweet as the president-elect.

Clinton tweeted a photo at about 6 p.m. with a caption saying thank you to her team, and she is proud of them no matter the outcome.

I think all Public Relations students, Twitter-advocators, and professionals can agree that we are all happy for Twitter and their success on Election Day.

Written by Olivia Nutting; edited by Hannah Ross


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