Finding a job can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Looking good on paper is difficult, especially when there is so much competition out there. However, if you present yourself in the best manner possible- many times you will get the opportunity to interview with the employer and convince them why you are the best fit for the position.

I am a Public Relations senior and have had three internships throughout college, and will be interning in Germany next month. Throughout the years I’ve noticed that these 4 points really make a difference when landing a job.

  1. Update your LinkedIn.

Before you even begin looking for a job make sure your LinkedIn is updated with your most recent experience, education and certifications.

I feel like this should be clear, but somehow I still see some of my friends doing this: Snapchat selfies are not LinkedIn-approved photos. Post on your university job board for a photographer that will do headshots, most will for around $20.

  1. Have a friend or older sibling look at your resume.

I recently read a resume where the word buisness was misspelled. Easy to miss (right?), but it might be what keeps you from scoring that dream job.

  1. Research companies or industries that could potentially interest you.

By doing adequate research you can avoid wasting time on companies that don’t suite your needs and expectations. Try stepping out of your comfort zone and research companies you usually wouldn’t consider. You’ll be surprised by how many opportunities are within companies!


Search for job openings through job boards through your university, LinkedIn and Indeed. The key point to this stage of job searching is organization. Develop an excel spreadsheet to remind yourself of when you applied, who the contact person is, and when to follow up. That way, if you receive multiple calls you’ll know exactly who is calling you and from what company. Of course, do not forget to include cover letters and additional documents if required.

Happy job searching!

Written by Danitza Yukopila; edited by Hannah Ross

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