3 Skills all PR Students Should Know Before Graduation

In college a lot of information is thrown at us but in some cases it doesn’t all stick. Through all of our classes there are some trends that prove the importance of certain topics. Here are some of the top 3 skills public relations students should learn by the time they graduate:

  1. Master AP Style

AP style will either be your best friend or
worst nightmare as you make your way through the J-School. It is a part of all our classes from the get go, and you have to learn to love it. After college, worrying about AP style will not end. It’s the universal language all communications professionals use.
Although it some of the rules seem a bit ridiculous, it’s best to work on them now so you know them in the future.


2. The art of 140 characters

Twitter is a great way to form your personal brand while in college. The skills that are accumulated through the practice can be used later on in a public relations career. We have plenty of experience trying to work with the social media platform, but using it on your own will help you develop your brand and become familiar with the platform. So much information can be communicated within 140 characters, but you have to be able to grasp a single concept and say it concisely.


  1. Keeping up with emails

We all fall victim to letting emails build up in our mailboxes. Breaking this habit can teach you to communicate with people better. This is something that can be worked on during college. You will find out how important it is during certain courses in the J-School. As you move along in the world of PR, you will
come to find that emails play a huge role in your work. It is important to stay on top of who’s contacting you, and why they’re contacting you, in order to keep relations with people you work with or for.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 1.01.04 PM.png

Written by Olivia Nutting; edited by Hannah Ross

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